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Can you take on a challenge?

What’s going on?

The first thing you need to know is that we’re not pointing fingers at any individual. We’ve been in your shoes, we used to fly a lot before we realised what was going on. We are not calling you out or telling anyone what to do, we are just here to give you informations, start a conversation and offer a challenge.

We are currently living in a state of true climate emergency. For a change to happen and avoid reaching the point of no return, action must be taken by all of us. Action must be taken by our government, big industries, as well as individuals. And as individuals, the one thing we can do that would have the biggest impact on our carbon footprint, is to stop flying.

In Belgium, 63% of travellers take the plane at least once a year. The percentage increases every year.

We all know that flying is bad for the environment, but we don’t actually know how bad it is. We cannot even imagine until we see the numbers.

What is Flight Free 2020?

Flight Free is a campaign that was started in Sweden by Maja Rosén in 2018, though the website www.westayontheground.org, and has since been started in different countries, including Belgium.

The idea is to get 100.000 people to challenge themselves: if we reach 100.000 signatures by midnight on December 31st, 2019, all the people who have signed will quit flying for the whole year of 2020. If we don’t reach 100.000 signatures, no one is forced to do anything (even though we hope you still won’t fly).

But can you imagine the positive impact we could have on the environment if 100.000 people in multiple countries stopped flying for 1 year? If 10 countries reach it, 1 million people will stay on the ground for 1 year!

- Will YOU join the the Flight Free Revolution? -


Our manifesto

People care

That most people keep flying on vacation despite the fact that we are in the middle of an acute climate crisis is not because they don’t care. It is because, as humans, we act like those around us. Most people would be prepared to fight to save the climate if they realised how serious the climate crisis is and the importance of their own actions. The good thing about humans liking to follow the crowd is that a change can happen fast if enough people start to act in large groups.

It is possible to talk about the climate 

Thos of us who have realised how serious the situation is must dare to speak about it. It is in everyone’s interest to save the climate, and in the future people will wonder why those who knew didn’t say anything. When we have the chance to be aware of the situation, it is our duty to pass it on, and not doing so would be criminal. By asking questions and showing understanding, as well as clearly conveying the gravity of the situation, it is possible to affect others. Remembering that everyone wants to do good and is just waiting to get started to save the climate is a good foundation for constructive conversations.

We are in the midst of an acute emergency

We are living in the biggest state of emergency of humanity and must act accordingly. If a third world war had started, nobody would worry about what to do during their vacation. Everyone would be prepared to do what it takes to regain peace. Climate change is a world war against our planet. If we are to succeed in avoiding a climate collapse, immediate and radical adaptation is required.


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